COVID-19 Lab Testing in Sandy Springs

Update for Travelers: If traveling and your destination requires a passport number on your report. Enter in your passport information in the "Additional Information" portion when ordering your test on the patient portal.


Important Notice: As of Monday 03/21/2022, uninsured US residents can no longer apply for HRSA covered COVID-19 Testing. The government sponsored program is no longer available and will no longer cover testing for uninsured patients.
You must either use insurance or pay out-of-pocket. The out-of-pocket cost for COVID-19 PCR testing is $100.

When testing at Shepard Health, it is required to have either your physical insurance card or a paper copy of your insurance card to give to the testing staff. We must have your card to properly process all insurance claims.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.


-Shepard Health Staff

Shepard Health offers the best PCR testing for COVID-19 with same day results

Important Information

No appointments required.  

COVID-19 testing service available from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and

Saturday from 9am-12pm

  • Complete a Covid 19 Test Order on the Patient Portal - Blue Button above. 

  • You will receive a reference number.  Please provide the last 4 digits of your reference number and your insurance card to the staff at Shepard Health when you arrive. 

  • Our reports include, your name, date of birth, passport number, a QR code, and all regulatory markings required for international travel.

  • Each member of your family will need a separate order/reference number.

  • If you receive an error message while ordering your test, try to refresh your browser and/or log out before retrying to place an order.  The Patient Portal works best with Google Chrome.  

  • No insurance $100

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