The Shepard Health Story

Shepard Health Lab was founded in January 2021 by husband and wife team Christy and Richard Roth. It started off small with just them and 1 or 2 employees but since then we have grown to a team of dedicated individuals striving to provide honest and well developed testing to the community. 

Who are Christy and Richard Roth?


They are parents, they are entrepreneurs, and most importantly, true laboratory people. They have been in the lab business for a long time and have collectively worked in every facet associated with it. Whether it be sales, research, marketing, diagnostics, or various other laboratory areas. 

With their combined 30+ years of laboratory expertise they set out to build something different, Something unique. Something that could serve the community and provide positive impact for patient care. 

But what is Shepard Health?

To Christy and Richard it is an extension of the community. Originally they had wanted to work with the local providers and facilities in the area and function like any other lab, but Richard saw there was a need for more. We opened our doors because to provide Covid-19 testing. We tested everyone and didn't turn anyone away. Shepard Health did what they could to help. We wanted to have an impact. 

Why open Shepard health?

The honest answer, is Shepard Health was opened to do what Christy and Richard wanted to do. Everyone had their lane and they stuck with. Never wanting to expand or innovate, but at Shepard we are different. The team that has been built at Shepard wants to improve, learn and provide better care, better testing, and better outreach to the community and providers.


Instead of telling doctors and patients what we offer, instead we work with them to build what they need, and what they want. To Shepard each patient or provider is not a number. Every patient is a person with a story, and they deserve to be treated as such.   

Our mission is to make a difference, to learn and explore, to go and do real science. The question for Shepard is not about how much money we could make, and it never will be. Our mission is to define how can we make things better? How can we use science to make things better? How can we design our tests to get the information that doctors really need and  want to know? 

We have different mindset. We are patient focused. We are trying to come up with a better solution.

What are we doing going forward?

What is Shepard Health going to be in the long term? Everything to us boils down to helping people. We will continue to grow and expand our laboratory. We will continue to develop new tests, continue going out and helping the community. Doing whatever we can whenever we see a need that isn't being filled. 

We want to run and develop tests that have big impacts for patients and science as a whole.

Who is Shepard Health?

Shepard Health is not only Christy and Richard. Shepard is it's team and their families. Shepard Health is the community that surrounds it. 

We cannot wait to get to work and help in anyway we can. Thank you for choosing Shepard Health for all of your testing needs. Whether its for travel, infection, or anything else. We are happy to be your laboratory of choice.