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"At Shepard Health, we strive to deliver consistent and reliable testing with a commitment to rapid and reliable results with emerging technologies.  We believe quality care should be accessible and affordable to everyone.

We hope to be the laboratory that not only provides accurate and dependable results, but also to help better serve the local community.

Let us be the laboratory that helps with all your medical testing and molecular diagnostic needs"

Richard Roth, Founder and Owner

Covid-19 Testing or Results

If looking for coronavirus testing or results, please visit our patient portal. After accepting the terms and conditions, there should be two options available. The "Order A Test" page will ask you for basic information and either a cell phone number or an email address. Once filled out completely and submitted you should receive a reference number. 

To access your results, in the same patient portal screen, there is another option to "View My Results". Once selected you should use either the cell phone number or email address that was entered when ordering a test, to view your results. 

If you are having any issues ordering a test or viewing your results please contact the lab directly by phone or email. 

Contact Shepard Health

(770) 583-3393

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