Shepard Health offers an array of services for both patients and providers.

  • Blood Testing: We offer comprehensive blood testing. Our blood testing includes a comprehensive metabolic panel, a lipid panel, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Uric Acid, and Hemoglobin A1c.

  • COVID-19: PCR and Antigen testing with same day results.

  • Monkey Pox: We have a monkeypox assay in development currently.

  • Onychosis Complete Screening and Pathogen Panel: This assay includes a first step screening that, if positive, leads to a reflex test and greater pathogen detection panel and treatment options.

  • Respiratory Infection panels: This panel detects 9 bacterial and 23 viral infections and possible coinfections. This panel also offers best choice antibiotic treatment.

  • Toxicology: Urine drug screening and conformation.

  • UTI Pathogen Detection: Our molecular panel detects 28 microorganisms and 19 resistance markers to offer a best choice of antibiotics for treatment.

  • Urinary Analysis:  Our urinary analysis testing uses quantitative measurements to accurately detect 11 different elements of urine. Microscopy is also used to validate the detection of these elements.   

  • Wound Care: This molecular panel offers pathogen detection and best choice antibiotic treatment based on antibiotic resistance.

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