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At Shepard Health we understand sometimes things can be confusing. To better help you understand things that are important not only in what we do, but also for your health we curated some information here just for our patients.

For example, What is RT-qPCR

This quick video better explains what Real Time qPCR testing is, and how it relates to our testing. 

Real time PCR is the basis for most of the tests that we preform here at Shepard Health.

We have found great videos and articles that help to explain what we do as well as offer insight into things relating to the molecular diagnostic world.

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How does an Antigen rapid test work? How is it different from PCR?

Although we use the same collection method to do both PCR and Rapid testing, there is one distinct difference. 

PCR uses a machine called a thermocycler to make copies of the viral DNA to a detectable amount. While the rapid test uses antigens shed by the SARS-COV-2 Virus sheds during an active infection

This video explains more about how the test works.

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