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Onychosis Pathogen Panel

"This test is currently in ongoing development"

Our Onychosis test is a molecular PCR diagnostic panel used to identify fungal, mold, yeast, and bacterial pathogens on a patient’s toenails and/or fingernails.


The factors primarily involved with the development of onychoses on patient nails include but are not limited to: immunological status, shoe wardrobe, inherited mechanics, and closed-in shoes that act as incubators for bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus. Many pathogens involved with onychosis are difficult to treat and DNA testing is needed to decide which topical or global treatment to select for proper effectiveness.

Our report is specifically designed to identify pathogens associated with the nails. Our report also identifies any antibiotic resistance and recommends the proper antibiotic or treatment best suited for that patient to kill the infection causing pathogen.

We've worked with local physicians offices that specialize in foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg to design a test best suited for them. 

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